The history of

Breda Blick!

The story and history 

Breda Blick has been a guesthouse and restaurant as far back as 1864. For a while, the hotel went under the name Visby Badhotell and by the way, Selma Lagerlöf stayed here when it started.

In 1907 the building, as we call the house of Balders, was completed. Köpman Lindström built the house for his daughter as a wedding gift. The house is thus originally intended as a residence for a single family with a servant.

The building was equipped with gas and we have found gas pipelines in the walls during reconstruction. In apartment 521's kitchen there is the old ring line for the service people left. In other words, this was a higher-ranking residence.

The building called Höder's house was built in 1864 and was renovated in 1968 and was deprived of its beautiful tiled ovens and mirrored doors. Despite this, the house has retained much of its old world charm.

A little about the material in the houses: In some rooms where there are now pine floors, there was originally a linoleu mat on top, which at that time was almost finer than parquet flooring! In many of the apartments there are old panels left on the walls. The doors of the house are original of jugend model.

Below are the original blueprints of the house.